Preserving the Past for the Future.


Kathleen Area Historical Society

Speaker's Bureau

The Kathleen Area comprises 8 communities, established generally between 1850 and 1900, with what we believe to be full of fascinating people, history, culture, and tradition.  


  • How and why were these communities populated?      


  • Who were some of the pioneers of these areas?  Maybe these pioneers were your ancestors?    


  • What area pioneer was known as the "King of the Crackers?"  


  • What area pioneer was murdered in 1858?  Who done it?  


  • Did you know that the community of Socrum is one of the oldest communities in Polk County?  Where did the name "Socrum" come from?"  


  • How did "Gibsonia" come by its name?    


  • Which area was named after a city in South Carolina from where settlers migrated?  


  • What were the major "industries" of the day?


If your club, group, or school is interested in learning the answers to these questions and MORE,  we would be delighted to offer a presentation.  Contact us via e-mail at [email protected] or via telephone at (863)  944-5656 with the "particulars" of your meeting date and location, and we will be there!  


Thank you for your interest in the Kathleen Area Historical Society!